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Love Nature  | Client Work

In August 2015, I completed 26 illustrations for a television vignette for the Love Nature series Mysteries of Evolution. Each vignette featured the ancestor of a modern day species or insight into unique evolutionary traits of the species.

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Redwood Coniferous Forest of Northwestern California | Independent Project

The coastal redwood of northwestern California are amongst the tallest trees on the planet. Growing over 350 feet tall - the height of a 30 story building - these majestic structures can live over 2000 years and measure up to 26 feet in diameter.

Comparative Eye Anatomy of Human, Octopus and Great Horned Owl | Independent Project

A cutaway study of the human, octopus and owl eye. Why these comparisons? Apparently, the cephalopod eye and the human eye evolved in similar conditions, yet the cephalopod is much superior to ours. Both the human and predatory birds (owls, eagles, falcons) have binocular vision.

Polar Bear Swimming Techniques | Independent Project

A step by step illustration showing the swimming techniques of the polar bear. The polar bear is one of the largest marine mammals.

The Arctic Tundra | Independent Project

The arctic tundra is one of the most unforgiving landscapes. It is therefore a great wonder as to how so many species can thrive in such harsh conditions.

Convergent Evolution | Independent Project

An examination of the relatable traits of hummingbirds and hummingbird hawkmoths.